ROHMY Couture: Ein Kleid und 3 Fotografen

„Von mirakulöser Schönheit“

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
Kleid/ Dress: Rohmy
Foto: (c) Dominik Nähren; MuH: Crazy Bird, Model: Lili Marleen, Headpiece: Ungenießbarer Teil von meinem Abendessen 😛
Foto: (c) Maria S. Varela, MuH: Passion- MakeUpArt, Model: Lili Marleen, Headpiece & Wrist bands: Tamai Dickhoff

 Foto: (c) Rae Grimm

Ein Kleid von mir, drei Mal interpretiert.
Habt einen schönen Tag!
Eure Rohmy


  1. Beautiful photos. I love that dress.

  2. WOW. just wow, that dress is amazing- you are such a talented person. i want to see more of your designs future!!!

    fotos are great too 🙂

    much love

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tolles Model und ein wunderschönes Kleid! Und bei dem ungenießbaren Teil deines Abendessens lag ich lachend unter'm Tisch 😀

  4. Ese vestido es super femenino!!!! Besos Marcela.

  5. @ all: Danke/ Thank you 🙂
    @ Emilie: just a little patience i am working on new clothes i will show soon… ^^


  6. Ooh SO beautiful – the colour! the strappy straps… it's so whimsical and etheral I adore it! You are very very clever.

    Sarah xxx

  7. Hi girl…
    Don´t worry I am waiting for you:)
    You designed the dress?

    It is truly amazing…I would love one in black!
    Have a great relaxing Friday night girl…

    Greetings from Norway!

  8. elegant style – great photo's

  9. Lilli Marlene and the green dress..the saga continues

  10. ooo das kleid ist echt schon!!!!!

  11. Super blog.

  12. @ all: thank you so much 🙂
    @ girl about oslo: of course it´s my design and it is possible to make it in every colour you want 🙂
    @ wormburner: my dear friend! Ha, you are right- maybe a video is also waiting soon… 🙂
    Ok, good bye for now…


  13. Love the headpiece, it really complements the dress! The plait detailing looks immaculate, you must be very patient.

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