1. Ich liebe deine Kleider ja so … hach 🙁

  2. guten morgen
    sehr schön die fotos-))))
    lieben gruss Christa

  3. Beautiful photographs …she looks like an "Angel"…cool… My hometown talked "crap" about "Stacey"… and we are very "Down"
    …You have a wonderful evening Dear Lady… Your Friend …"The Doctor"
    Stacey is Not up to par ….sorry

  4. Sorry Dear Lady,…These Supposed "Good People" of my area are speaking much worse of Stacey today…. And Now I have Been given the "title" of "Greatest Villain"…
    at (www.toopix.com/forum/city/marshville-nc )
    This is really starting to "get to us"…( I just went through all that "Hell" over this matter over half a decade past… Sorry Not "dealing with" this current "Mess" very well at present….. All "This" …along with my health issues have us very down …You take care Dear Lady…. and have a blessed evening… Your Friend

  5. Como un camaleón es tu espacio, cambiantes formas de belleza que siempre sorprenden.

    Un saludo.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I simply wanted to take time to make a comment and say I have really enjoyed reading your site.

  7. problem in Marshville… mostly has past now…. and I have the "honorary" title of the "Greatest Villain" of Marshville…lol…
    Have a great weekend ,Dear Lady… Stacey…

  8. We have mostly "fixed" the problem … Used my knowledge of psychology to work on their feelings of self-guilt ( and I made it where if they say something Bad about Stacey …it would make them look badly unto others…)…and this even triggered a Preacher to tell Everyone to Leave me alone….
    I handled the mess using my head…

  9. Lieben Dank /Thanks a lot for your comments 🙂

    Dr. Theda, I recently read a book about the most famous "Super Villains"- you were not mentioned so it can´t be THAT bad what you did 😉
    But I am very happy to hear the problem is fixed by now, thank you so much for your updates always :))
    Have a great week,


  10. Rohmy,
    it's always so wonderful to see your new work !

  11. Thank you very much 🙂


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