SPOTLIGHT: Tokyo Tribe

„ONE- You lock the target
TWO- You bait the line
THREE- You slowly spread the net
and FOUR- You catch the man“
Headhunter/ Front242
Tolle Strecke aus VMAN (Issue #20)
Fotograf: Koichiro Doi, Styling: Shun Watanabe


Model: Takeshi Uematsu (Barkinstyle, Japan)


Model: Kentaro Sawano (Barkinstyle, Japan)
 Model: Sen (be natural models)
 Model: Riku Outomo (LesPro)
 Model: Yuusuke Hirose (Toyota Office)
 Model: Kentaro Sawano (Barkinstyle)
VMAN/ Tokyo Tribe:

„We still dream of undiscovered corners of the world. Here, we create a spring fantasy of chic ancestry—a time-capsule for tribes of future centuries.“

Habt ein schönes Wochenende 🙂

Eure Rohmy


  1. Oh,I love your new page design. Very unique and artistic photos. Very creative too.
    Brilliant 🙂
    Have a lovely week-end . . .

    Kiss xoxo

  2. Thank you :))) yes, i thought it was about time for a change *haha* have a lovely weekend too…

  3. Hello Lovely,

    I like your blog. He's great! Great text and photos. something inspired me. i follow you.

    Lovely look at my blog. follow me! thank you.


  4. These are amazing pics! The ethnic vibe is very interesting!

    Lovely blog!



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