I noticed that I forgot to share this article about my work with you here! It appeared earlier this year on Dear Darkling.

Dear Darkling about ROHMY Couture:

„Have you ever wondered what would happen if you transported a Grecian goddess to the modern day, introduced her to the world of kink and shibari rope work, and then asked her to design clothing? You just might get the fantastic creations of Rohmy Couture. Handmade, beautifully draped gowns combine with intricate rope work, and just like that, our couture fantasies have come true.“

To read the full post on the DEAR DARKLING website just follow the link below:)


Vor wenigen Monaten erschien auf „Dear Darkling“ ein Artikel über meine Arbeit, den ich bislang noch gar nicht mit euch geteilt habe. Das wäre hiermit nachgeholt ;)

Zum Original- Artikel geht es hier:


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